Is it wise to do your updates on your computer or phone, when in your mind it works just fine?

*Answer* : The short answer is yes it is wise to do your updates… the longer detailed answer will include that software vendors for operating systems (OS) and Cell phone companies put a lot of time and effort into testing to ensure their products are of the “best” quality and not only do improvements and optimisations, but generally also patch new threats and vulnerabilities you may have not yet experienced on your device. This is to protect you from identity theft and risks which you may not properly understand or know about.
Your Phone is a sophisticated portable computer and bad people do there utmost to hack computers to get into your lives to see how they can exploit you if not now, in the near future.
When connecting to any network, cell phone network or wireless environment, which is unknown. (treat everything as unknown) You have no idea if it is secure or not, and this puts you and your computer / device at risk. Everywhere you take your exploited device can propagate the risk to others, making you part of the problem.
We try make some provision with Antivirus software, it is not perfect as it does work only on what it knows and slows your device down as it is constantly checking stuff. I think of antivirus software as ethical hacking. but basically we unconditionally allow them access onto our computers and “trust” them to perform as advertised (whatever that means). What if they are hacked? Now lets not get paranoid all at once.

Afrihost, A shameless Plug

I choose Afrihost to be my preferred ISP, I have a capped account and use it to connect to both local and international sites. I find the speed is great and the service equally so!
I use it for email,skype ,google+ ,facebook, research via web browsing ,vpn connectivity to clients and much much more.

Take advantage of the speed of capped accounts!!

Then for those that like a low premium and get uncapped … performance is perfect to always stay on. I have a BIG capped account so have not opted this route as a need yet. I pay the premium for the quickest and the best…
But if you got a tight budget, consider uncapped account.

Need a host? … look no further

“How many” Awesomes

I learn something new everyday with my children, without which I probably would never have learnt or known of modern trends if it was not for them.. I am so blessed.

The one thing that has always tickled me is this expression of “how many …” and add something in your words you want to emphasize thereafter..  Like how many hots is it today. The idea is that it must give the listener the knowledge that (as in this example) it is very hot, but purposely using english “badly” so that it sounds kinder garden and thus funny and memorable. It funny because the things you use are typically not countable or able to be made plural, but you do in context .. but if you could it would be a very small number or big number, or a little or lots. If you could.

How many colds is it today; Just how many cutes was that; how many windy’s is it today; Look how many reds there are in that advert; how many drunks is he. (Note you do not use drinks because they are countable.)

Hope you enjoy it as much as I 🙂

Have a great day.


Using Microsoft Word 2007 to post to a blog

Microsoft word has a facility where you can post directly to your blog. This is great feature to help with blog posting and also the easy of posting using an environment which people are familiar with.

Naturally word comes with all the spell checkers etc to ensure your typo’s are sorted out before posting.

You can also post graphics directly which will then be uploaded.

Very Cool